Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Alabama 4

We are in Alabama & have been since Monday afternoon. It's been a great trip. We had a good time in Fort Worth with Keith. He & I rode our bikes on Friday & Saturday. We rode along the Trinity River on Friday. Though it seemed a bit narrow, it was very nice. The park is all green & peaceful. Saturday we ventured beyond the end of the trail & went to Aledo. Keith found every hill in the area. The best part was being with my son. The fact that he was trying to do me in didn't matter, since I survived. We were both tired after 54 miles. We went to Cousin's BBQ that night. We've had delicious BBQ traveling across Texas. Thursday we had dinner at a steak house across the street from the hotel. Keith's daughter, Nathalie, joined us. Great dinner. In fact, we have not had a bad meal on this trip.
We had rain before our stop in Pearl, Mississippi. Then we had rain off & on all the way here. And, it has rained every day so far. Not a lot or for very long. Yesterday while I was out riding I heard thunder & headed for the kid's coffee shop. I made it a little before the downpour. It's about to start again. In an hour it will be history.

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