Monday, March 16, 2009

Well, the car has been bought, now we need to pay for it. We bought a used (18,750 miles) Nissan Quest. It is white & super clean. A light grey cloth interior, power doors on both sides & the rear gate. Betty has a very hard time reaching the door handles & pulling them is worse. So that power gate was very important. What we didn't get was automatic heat/air, dual control heat/air. What we saved over new with those features was about 10-12 thousand dollars. We can live nicely without them.
We went for a drive Saturday, a little over 200 miles, it rides very well.
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Saturday, March 7, 2009

We've been looking at new cars. Mini-vans, actually. What a tiring endeavor. I think it's down to a Nissan Quest. Although, I'd like to drive a Honda Odssey. We did look at some used ones, they had too many miles. Hertz does have a couple used Sienna's I'd like to look at. Then, again, maybe just fix the old Ford & go another 100,000 miles.