Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Trip North

We were on the road about 0615 yesterday. The trip was pleasantly uneventful. Nice drive. Traffic was light most of the time away from large towns. A lot of road/bridge work going on in Oregon. We did get stuck waiting to get by two crashes in Oregon. They got us to our hotel about an hour later than planned. The good part is they only cost us a little time.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Ford

Sunday Jason looked & listened to the Ford & said 'don't drive it until we fix it'. Oh, good. Monday we rented a Saturn VUE from Hertz so Betty wouldn't be stranded. Tuesday I bought the parts. What started out as routine parts buying from NAPA turned south. I ended up getting the parts from the local Ford dealer. We put on a new A/C clutch. We also put on a new belt while we were at it. Jason & I went to his job & re-charged the a/c system. His boss didn't charges us for the refrigerant, a very nice surprise. (Five Star Auto Repair, Five Star Blvd.-Jason is normally off Wednesday & Sunday.) It's really a blessing to have an auto tech in the family. Today I washed the Ford so we will have a clean car to get dirty on I-5.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday ride

I got away from the house just after 0630 headed for the club ride start at 5 Points. I did the regular route to get on the ARBT at Estates Drive. Heading down river I look for Paul, when I see him I know it's time to turn around & head to the ride start. I met up with him before Howe Ave today. The ride went to Beal's Point & back down across the river to Karen's. The sky was blue instead of smokey like it has been for weeks. Beautiful day.
Miles 63, ride time 4:04

Sunday, July 13, 2008


My out-of-town kids, & most of their kids, are coming to town for a week. Lots of activities have been planned, including a bike ride with Dad. Yes!! I was going to suggest it & thought there was no way the boys would agree. Then one of them suggested it. That will be a fun day. Included on the list of activities are bowling & kayaking, too. The grand-kids have enjoyed these in previous years. All of the kids/grand-kids will be here one night for dinner (my birthday). My sister Jeanne & Gwen will be here for a couple of days, arriving on my birthday for dinner. I'm anxious to see my sister.

Oregon Trip

We are planning a trip to Oregon City to visit family. One of my cousins has recently married his high school sweetheart & we are going to join the celebration. We are driving straight up & returning by way of the Oregon & California coast, spending a night in Crescent City. It should be a fun trip.