Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Ford

Sunday Jason looked & listened to the Ford & said 'don't drive it until we fix it'. Oh, good. Monday we rented a Saturn VUE from Hertz so Betty wouldn't be stranded. Tuesday I bought the parts. What started out as routine parts buying from NAPA turned south. I ended up getting the parts from the local Ford dealer. We put on a new A/C clutch. We also put on a new belt while we were at it. Jason & I went to his job & re-charged the a/c system. His boss didn't charges us for the refrigerant, a very nice surprise. (Five Star Auto Repair, Five Star Blvd.-Jason is normally off Wednesday & Sunday.) It's really a blessing to have an auto tech in the family. Today I washed the Ford so we will have a clean car to get dirty on I-5.

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