Friday, September 5, 2008

The Trip South

About 0530, August 29 we were on the road south. We had a very nice, uneventful trip down I-5 to La Puente. Checking the mileage after we got home, this part, before the the 'Ridge', was our best mileage. Cruise was set at 65 & the road is basically flat with a few rolling hills. Our average for the entire trip was just under 27 mpg. I think this is very good for a Taurus wagon with 95,000 miles. Our worst was the trip to San Diego. When traffic allowed, the cruise was on at 65 on the freeways. We stopped at the Apricot Tree Restaurant to eat. We're not stopping again. We arrived in La Puente early afternoon. Next trip down we will take I-210 again but stay on it & exit at Irwindale Ave which becomes Sunset Ave. We left this way & it was easier than all the freeway interchanges getting to Joyce's.
We had dinner with all of our SoCal girls & George at a local Japanese restaurant. Good food.
We stayed at Joyce's house in Geraldine's bed so Geraldine went to Aunt Wendi's.
Saturday, about 1020 we left for San Diego. Miserable trip in 'rush hour' traffic most of the way until we crossed the San Diego county line. Very nice service for Mary Jo & a good visit with Reuben. We had gone down I-5, we came back on I-15/I-60, a much better trip.
We left about 0930 for the trip home. We stopped at a local Chevron to fill up & got the car washed while we were there. We were on the road at 1010 with a very clean car. We arrived home at 1810. We stopped in Tulare at Apple Annie's to eat. We can stop there again. We filled up in Lodi. I could have made it home without stopping, although it would have been close & Betty was getting nervous.
A very good trip & lots of time to play with our Yniquez grand kids & visit with Joyce, George & Wendi.

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